Recently I ( Nate ) have created a project that involves weapon card creation and customization. Enjoy!

More coming soon!

Remember, add your own, too!

How to do this

Here is how to edit weapon cards: If you have a Windows, right click a photo on the Internet then click Save Picture As. Then, go to your library and go to photos. Highlight the photo and right-click. Click, open with, then click Paint. Everything you need is there!

Also, if you have a weapon card on the game: take a screenie, then go to library. Go to Program Files - Disney - Disney Online - Pirates Online - and screenshots should be there. Click it and your screenie stash is there. Then, open with paint and crop it down to the weapon card.

And there ya have it. Happy modding! Nate Raidhawk 21:34, November 9, 2010 (UTC)

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