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The Closing of Potco Theme Song

You have heard the news. You have read the Articles! Yes mates, as all of ye have heard, POTCO, as well as Toowntown and Pixie Hollow, are closing on September 19, 2013! I am deeply upset that they are closing this game, so I decicded to write a story about it! I know that  everyone is upset as I am, and maybe they can open up the game again sometime soon after they close it!  This story is going to be about the last day on Potco, according to Hannah Bluefeather! This isnt really going to be about how it closes, but what I imagine it to be like. Without further ado, I present to you, The Tale of Potco Closing! Enjoy!


It all started on a nice sunny day on the date September 18, 2013. Nothing was calm, even the seas, in which the waves tossed and turned in wild bursts throughout the Carribean. Everything seemed uneasy, and the townsfolk of Port Royal knew why. Their land was about to come crumbling down in 1 day. "What was the reason you might ask? Well I'll give ye the reason", said an old drunkard at the Rowdy Rooster Bar in Port Royal. "Because POTCO is closing up shop."... 

Chapter 1 

. (To be continued)


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