Peter Coalvane has never mentioned his twin around his friends maybe because he is ............... EVIL DUN DUN !!!!!!!!!! Peters brother was always mean. One day he broke Peters arm when he pushed him off the the tree. When the evil peter turned 16 he got a job as a merchant, BUT he never did his job so his boss fired him.


When EVIL PETER got fired he wanted revenge. Not even THE REAL PETER knew why but EVIL PETER was always mean EVIL PETER wanted REAL PETERS help but the REAL PETER said no and left. S now EVIL PETER wants to destroy the REAL PETER and his boss


EVIL PETER : My brother might say i was killed by bandits. BUT NO i'm very alive MUAHAHAHAHA. Now i'm gonna destroy him !!!!!!! . Don't tell Mrs. Coalvane though she will ground me :( . ( Mrs. coalvane is our mon )

LOL ROFL :P :D :) :( >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D. Im Sven and i told Mrs. coalvane.

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