POTCO Track is an in game sport, that is much like the Feat of Strength. In this event, a particular island will be picked to host a race. This island will be either a wild island or a main island. Usually it will just be running around the island, or running back and forth from somewhere. This in-game recreational activity was founded by Jeffrey Blasthawk.


Fall Track is in October and early November

Winter Track is in December and early January

Spring Track is in March through to May

Summer Track is when Practices occur, in the months of June through to September

IMPORTANT: February is a month-long break between Winter and Spring Tracks


  • No glitching.
  • No taking shortcuts(which is a glitch).
  • If you are caught, you are charged with an extra lap of running.
  • If you are caught again, you forfit the race.
  • If you are caught another time, you cannot race for 3 weeks.
  • If you are caught once more, you are banned from playing for life.
  • Use of a Third-Party Program(i.e. Cheat Engine) is also prohibited during this event, as it is prohibited by the game!

Please note, this is a league. You do not have to follow the rules if it is not an 'official' game.


Insert your name to be included in a race.

Officials, Referees



  1. REDIRECT User:Batorhos/Sig ~ Head Recruiter

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