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Brief Plot Summary

The date is September 19, 1746. Thousands of pirates, soldiers, and royal figures are enjoying a normal Thursday night, when it suddenly begins to fall apart. A void has appeared in the Caribbean, and it is quickly spreading. Together, a group of survivors must work together to defeat the void and restore POTCO, while facing complete desolation themselves.

POTCO: Escaping the Void
Author Bobby Moon
Illustrator Bobby Moon
Publication date 2014
Published by Full Moon Corp.
Publication Order
Preceded by
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Survivors of the Void

  • Bobby Moon
  • Parax
  • Nults McKagan
  • William "TyWillJoe" Seasteel (Happy now? xD)
  • Trebla Kraps (Albert Spark)
  • Sur Hawckk

Victims of Void

  • Nate Huntington
  • Hector Wildhayes

Cast Photos

~Coming Soon~


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