A guild that just debuted and made by Blademenace, this guild has done some very weird invasions in Abassa, Tortuga. They called it a No Pants Invasion which happens every weekends, it is known that the guild can be very chatty and loud often. The guild Owns Everyone includes such pvp fighters such as Hector O' Malley, Drake, Tyrant, Blademenace himself, Jack, Marc Stormskull, Tom Deckspinner, and many more. Beware that this guild may be very humorous and able to make you explode in laughter, but its a right place for pvp fighters and chatty pirates

Requirements for joining:

You would need to be a jumper and follow the jumper rule, here are the rule: Cutlass and dagger only.

Recruiter: Drake mostly hangs in Barila, Kingshead or in Abassa with Tyrant.

Some guild members are in Abassa usually just hanging around.


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