This guild is big and and growing the ranks and titles are Grand, Found , Assassin, Renegade,Treasure fleet owner. the code to join is YCRK2288.The infantry classes are Squad Master, Treasurer , soilder, Hired thug ,Hired cannoneer, Outlaw musketeer , Outlaw Pistolero , Outlaw rider, Sharp shooters , and more to come.


Renegade Squad

  • Peter Gunkidd ( leader )
  • Swashbuckler ( renegade)
  • Natalie E. Gothwell ( Outlaw rider )
  • Buccaneer ( renegade shipmate )
  • Buccanneer ( other boarding renegade 0

Hire us scheldual meetings at tortuga or whatever island. below Bases we arent co are bases are at kings and tortuga. Notice Board jobs get 20 members ( done) defeat 10 eitc ships (working on it ) Covert ops

  • Shadow ( these are codenames)
    • Gunhead
    • kill
    • Deedee
    • HAHA
      Shadow Squad
    • PC ( codenames )
    • Mass destruct
    • Notfilled
    • not filled

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