Operation Surepath was a exterminate-mission carried out by the East India Trading Company against the Virginia Company, a small but fierce army of pirates that meant a burden in the path of Cutler Beckett to domination. The EITC Agents knew how to do jobs - they left almost no trace of the Company.

Surepath took place in different locations at the same time, most notably in Cuba, Port Royal and Tortuga. At least 30 agents travelled to each location, there to destroy anybody who called themself a member of the Virginia Company. This strike surely crippled the army; over a hundred pirates fell into the EITC's hands. A distress call was planned for these situations; an unknown member describes what happened next:

"The EITC took us by surprise. We couldn't react. We couldn't fight back. But we could understand. We had received no distress call - there was no one alive to deliver it. This time, they had won. They had destroyed all we had built. Who had given us away? I wish I knew. Because if I knew, I'd tear him apart. And I swear that, when I find out, that's what I'll do."

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