Royalty in the Caribbean is getting out of hand. Random people go around saying "I' king of this, and I'm Emperor of that". Some people claim to be kings of extinct thrones, of nations that weren't around in pirate times, and most insultingly, countries which were never monarchies (I'm pretty sure that you can't be king of America.....). When confronted people normally say, "oh this guy [pearson] made me King"-David Swordmenace, or "I can be King [of Ireland] if I want, so get away Noob"-Matthew O'Malley

This Council will work to resolve all Royal Claims once and for all.

First rate Titles will be discussed and resolved (Kings, Emperors etc.)

Then the Kings and Emperors will appoint Second Rate Titles (Lords,Viceroy's, Dukes etc.)
Crown 1 lg

A crown, used to Sybolize Royalty

World Map

This Map shows the World at Pirate Times. To be professional there will be Royalty only from these places. (There cant be a king of Canda or a Emperor of Greece, as niether exist at the time)


Map of the America's, Africa and Europe.


Map of the Old World.

Map Key

Map Key


Put your name if you would like to join the Official Royalty Council. (This does not mean you will become Royalty)

  1. Robert Mcroberts

List of Claims

Post your claim of Royalty here (Must be First Rate Royalty, such as leader of a country)

  • Pearson Wright-King of Spain
  • Benjamin Macmorgan - Czar of Imperial Russia
  • John Breasly-King of Great Britain and Ireland and Prince Elector of Hanover
  • Matthew O'Malley-Prime Minister of Denmark
  • Hannah Bluefeather-Empress of Austria
  • Duchess of Amenois-Queen of France
  • Napoleon Bonoparte-Emperor of France
  • Samuel Redbeard-Overlord of France
  • Jeremiah Stormwash-King of Hungary
  • Matthew Darkskull-Holy Roman Emperor
  • Soar-King of Italy/Piedmonte
  • Edward Daggerhawk-King of Belgium/Netherlands/Arabia
  • Shah Robert Shipstealer-Shanasha of Persia (King of Kings)

List of Approved Claims

  • None so far

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