Welcome to the ONC page!

Who We Are

The ONC is a group that reports all the latest news from the Caribbeanan. These types of news include: Navy,
EITC, Guilds, and more! Here you can find whats happening now in the Caribbean. We are a group of people who get the news you want and bring it to you.


The HQ is located in the Dark Palace on Cortola. Here we discuss things that we have/are going to publish and such.

There is also a public HQ on Sea Sae Isla

Can I get a job?

Sure! Jobs that are available are listed below (If you want one of these jobs, say so in the comments or here):

  • Founder/Lead Reporter and Spy: Founded the group. Is also the head reporter, leads the other reporters/spies. ~ Taken ~
  • VP: Second in command. Is also a high ranking reporter. Does not overpower the Founder. ~ Reserved ~
  • Third in Command: The man/woman who is in command after the VP and Founder. Is also a high ranking spy but lower than the VP. ~ Taken ~
  • Reporter: Gets the news! (There can be as many as needed)
  • Spy: Gets the news no one wants you to hear about! (There can be as many as needed)


You will see workers wearing this outfit:
Screenshot 2011-03-08 20-05-40
Details (To tell the rank, the belt changes):
  • Adventure Belt: Founder
  • Golden Skull Belt: Reporter/Spy
  • White Sash: Second or Third in command.

Items Used:

  • Adventure Long Coat: Everyone
  • Embelished Vest: Everyone
  • Valentine's Shirt or any white shirt with similar colar: Everyone
  • Adventure Breeches: Everyone
  • Adventure Boots: Everyone  


252 21121 251 11 ~ Founder/Lead Reporter and Spy


King John Breasly ~ Third in Command/Spy


Capt. Skull X ~ Spy


Edward Daggerhawk ~ Reporter


Captain Jim Logan ~ Spy and Reporter


Captain Chris Jericho ~ Reporter


We do not have newpapers, but sheets or issues of the latest news. Here are the current issues: *Official News Corp: Issue 1  

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