Nomad, also known by his real name, Jake Dunn, is an EITC Delta Force operator and also a wearer of the experimental Voodoo-powered Force Suit. Although a somewhat new recruit compared to his other squad mates, Nomad is Second-in-command of his elite squad, Raptor Team.


Jake Dunn's past is shadowy and unknown, other than his father also served in the EITC and that Jake has a sister. Shortly before turning 18, Jake enlisted into the EITC, and within a few months of training, he was sent on an assassination mission, to kill a high-ranking guerilla warfare expert, Trejano, who was leading attacks of EITC forces on the island of Isla Cangrejos. Jake soon proved himself to the members of the EITC Elite Warfare board by single handedly killing Trejano and destroying his guerilla force, armed with only a rusty musket and a few daggers. Colonel Barclay, an EITC Marine, recruited Jake into the EITC Delta Force, and he was given a new squad, as well as another dangerous mission, to destroy a secret WMD the pirate forces stole from a Royal Navy outpost....

Operation Hollow Storm

The first battle Jake experienced as an EITC Delta Force operator, also where he got the codename Nomad. Coming soon....

Friend List

-Pearson Wright, an organized crime leader who I don't trust very much, but he saved my life a few times... long story

-Connor Morrigan, a former EITC Soldier turned pirate resistance fighter, but nonetheless a great friend

-Luuluu, former goon of Pearson, turned self-respectable guildmaster, and expert dagger fighter

-Prophet, An old squad leader

-Physco, My best friend in both game and real, I also know him as Billy Snoopensnob, his other pirate

-Firebe, A drunken who I met awhile back on Padres, a great storyteller

-William Smith, I befriended him bc he is Will Smith! ;)

More coming soon

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