What Are We

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GM, Mega, and Nightlock members meet with Skull's Marines and GM (capt. Skull X) about possible war outbreaks!

  • To join Nightlock, type in redeem code (guild) MTNB2375.(Code not usable any


Skull's Marines




One Afternoon when Mega was about to privateer. He saw a navy ship heading towards him, and almost killed him. The I believe the Captin name is Fred McOutrage.
  • whoa
  • whoa


Cortez has decided to bring the guild back!

Today Nightlock wasn't deleted it was pasted down some people are still in it listed below:

The Current GM of Nightlock is Buccie Von Ship who is a great SvS player and is good enough to have Nightlock as his guild.

Buccie Von Ship- Is the Guild Master-42.

Hector BladeSlipper-27-Officer.

The Current GM of Nightlock

  • Master Of Disaster-32 Officer.
  • Diamond Hawk-11 Officer.
  • Solomon Plunderpigge-19-Officer.
  • Charles Warswine-21-Officer.
  • William-14-Officer.
  • David StromBones-26-Officer.
  • Johnny StormSilver-35-Officer.
  • Jack-28-Officer.
  • Thomas Truerackham-16-Officer.
  • Evan-20-Officer.
  • Chris Bladecutter-15-Officer.
  • James BladeHawk-14-Officer.
  • Ben Sailward-22-Officer.
  • Chris Swordcutter-17-Officer.
  • WildSteel-29-Officer.
  • Nate Wareagle-25-Officer.
  • Bart Bilgebain-23-Officer.

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