Nate's Uncle

Nate Swordwalker in his Old Cabin On Padres

Not much is known about Nate Swordwalker, but we do know that he was Nate Raidhawk's uncle. Where is he? Nobody knows what happened to Nate Swordwalker, but there is a story written on parchment in a book Nate Raidhawk recently found...

Nate Swordwalker was walking on Padres Del Fuego dock, headed to his job as a netmaker. Then he saw a loaded galleon with white sails in the harbor. The flag it was flying was Spanish. 'Some Spanish soldiers ran past him as the galleon landed. They met with sailors and a Spanish captain called El Patron. They were loading beautiful chests onto the dock. Nate asked one of the soldiers something and he said that in the chest were great weapons.

After work, Nate headed back to his shack. In front of his shack was a group of Spanish conquistadors with cuffs and a single piece of parchment. There was a sudden draft of wind, and Nate's tricorne flew away. " Im afraid that you know too much, Mr. Swordwalker," one of them said. " Wha.. What? " Nate said. He watched as his tricorne flew away into the mountains...

Nobody really knows what happened to Nate Swordwalker. There are many theories about him. A significant theory is that he was captured by the Spanish Navy for knowing too much about their chache of magic enhanced weapons.


Notoriety: 25

Sword: 10


Doll: 13

Dagger: 8

Grenade: 4

Staff: N/A


Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Brother: Thomas Raidhawk ( AKA Thomas "Fishmeister" )

Son: N/A

Nephews: Nate Raidhawk, Matthew Mcflint

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