This outfit is available in the month of June. The complete outfit costs 17,000.

Black Fedora Hat (500 Gold)

The fanciest. Not even the Kings had such style.

Hot Pink Shirt (5,000 gold)

The Fanciest. Not even the Kings had such style.

Silver Sequin Vest (2,000 gold)

Very shiny. So many confusing colors.

Black Sequin Coat and Sequin Glove (5,500 gold)

The Fanciest. You could spot it a mile away. Also comes with a silver sequin glove when put on.

Golden Stripe Pants (1,500 gold)

The fanciest. Gives a /spin emote.

Anti Gravity Shoes and Silver sequin socks (7,000 gold)

The best it gets. Gives /Lean and Moonwalk Emotes.

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