Maggie Wildrage is the wife of Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard. She is a part of the EITC, but is not in it very actively. She and Samuel have spent a lot of time together, and can often be found hanging with each other. She is currently in Beckett's Elites.

About Her

Maggie is a very kind, compassionate, and helpful EITC-Pirate. She is marred to Lord Samuel Redbeard, but previously engaged to Jack Swordmenace. She and Samuel have remianed very close friends and they can often be found hanging out with each other. She is currently in the Beckett's Elites guild, and has supported and help Lord Samuel with the guild and the EITC, but she is not directly in the EITC itself. She has helped Samuel to get his guild where it is today, and he says quote on quote "I don't know what I'd do without her." She can be found in any server, with Samuel Redbeard, Johnny Goldtimbers, Giratina Origin Forme, Meghan Wildrage, or Joshua.

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