Matthew Fireskull is a Level 49 pirate in the caribbean. He isn't a friendly pirate. He won't help anyone but his friends. He thinks it's stupid to pretend to be EITC or a pirate lord. You'll find him at Vachira Darkheart or Abassa Tortuga.

Friend List:

Addison - GM - Mastered

Tom Burnswine - Don't know

Jack Cannoncutter - Member - Mcraging

He is a jumper but he doesn't do PVP glitch after he got banned a ton for doing the glitch. His rules for pvp are: Blades only, no tonics, no broadsword, and no potions.

His PVP Rankings:
1324 - 149 - 17 Also known as 1324 wins, 149 losses, and 17 ties.

People who always beat him in PVP:

Phantasma X, Blademenace or whatever his name is, Dog SOMETIMES beats me.

Weapons used for PVP:

Nautilus Blade, Swashbuckler's Dagger, Grenade (Siege Charge, and Black Fang Knives.

Weapon Levels:

Cannon - 24

Sailing - 18

Cutlass - 30 - MASTERED

Shooting - 30 - MASTERED

Doll - 30 - MASTERED

Dagger - 30 - MASTERED

Grenade - 22

Voodoo Staff - 24

Potions - 8

Fishing - 20 - MASTERED

Jumper Training

Currently Matthew will teach people how to jump if they want to. Sign your name below in what class of learning how to jump you'd be in. For levels 10 - 15 most have a common or above cutlass and a common or above dagger. 16 - 40 rare or above cutlass and rare or above dagger. 41 - 50 famed or above cutlass and famed or above dagger.

No experience - (sign name here)

Some experience -Edgar Wildrat

Medium experience -

Almost master -

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