This powerful, cursed sabre was created by two very powerful witchdoctors. They loved each other, and were married. But they could not stand the cruelness of life, so they constructed a sword and sealed their voodoo souls in the blade. The blade was later discovered by a Spanish Conquistador named Slappy.


260px-Cutlass E

Mark of the Angler - Rank 1

Gives infinite life force and one hit kills.

Made from

Dark Emerald (1)

A Sacrifice

Cursed Lava ( Gallon )

Anglerfish Scales (5)

Angler Marks (20)

Cursed Ash ( 1 pound )

Death Rose (5)

Scorpion Stingers (10)

Drained Voodo force ( 50 dolls 50 staffs )

Drained Sword power ( 20 blades of any kind with 50 + attack )

Drained Dagger power ( 20 blades of any kind with 35 + attack )

Undead Bones (45)

Power Potions (45)

Heat ( 130 Degrees for 1 minute )

Cold ( - 30 Dagress for 1 minute )

Ice ( 1 pound )

Human Body Parts (10)

Blood ( 1 quart )

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