Nate: We need to make an alliance. After many name ideas... Jim: What about Royale Empire? Simon: Too EITC Matthew: How about Lost Alliance Simon: If you vote Lost Alliance say aye Nate: aye Simon: aye Matthew: aye Johnny: aye Johnny: I guess that's the name :) Simon: So who's going to be leader Matthew: I should, I made the name. Simon: I think Nate should Nate: No, we should all be leaders, we all made it.

The Lost Alliance

'The Lost Alliance The Lost Alliance is an alliance and government formed on Sunday, December 19, 2010. Here is a list of Founders. Credit goes to Matthew Darkskull for name idea.


This * star indicates a Founder.


Add your name here if you want to join.

Camps And Bases

The Lost Alliance's meeting place is Rumrunner's Isle, Legassa.

The First Order of Business

The first thing the Lost Alliance plans on doing is recruiting members for the alliance and new guilds.

First Flag of Lost Alliance


First Flag of Lost Alliance

Behold, the First Flag of Lost Alliance.

Guild Flags

All guilds in the Lost Alliance please post their flag below.

Bandidos Are Back


Bandidos Are Back Flag

Maurader's Militia


Maurader's Militia

Lost Alliance


Lost Alliance's Flag

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