Images (40)Lord Leon's Force is a out-dated article. No further edits on this page are needed, unless they are spelling mistakes. As this page acts as a Historical Document and is not intended to start any arguments or hurt feelings.

Black Guard flag

Captain Leon's Force was in league against the Elite Black Force.

What Is It?

Captain Leon's Force is a force that is made up of all the EITC on Captain Leon's side together. The head guild of Captain Leon's Force is Co. Rangers guild, and the three main guilds are Co. Rangers, The Co. Mercenary, and The Co Empire. Captain Leon's Force is NOT Leon's guild, but the force Captain Leon has gathered. Captain Leon's Force was created by Captain Leon when he returned to the Caribbean to battle Samuel Redbeard. Many people were disorganized and unsure who's side to join. Then along came Captain Leon's Force.

Guilds and Notable Members


  • There are no recorded guilds in his empire.


  • Captain Leon
  • Cadet
  • Pearson Wright
  • Benjamin Macmorgan
  • Mizzta Little Jumpa
  • Robert Mcroberts
  • John Breasly
  • Gold Craver

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