On October 14, 1744 (2011), Lord Johnny Goldtimbers was driving his fishing boat with his friend, and sinking ships with grenades. I thought that was pretty cool and stayed. Soon later, the boat began to fill up. It filled up so much, that over 20 people were on board! It was a lot of fun. Most of the time, we had a warship and a bounty hunter ship following us, because we had full cargo. Then, Lord Goldtimbers began referring this to a yacht party. He sailed us from island to island, stopping on each coast but never docking. Johnny had story time, that was lots of fun. We drank champagne, it was a total blast and a party that'll be remembered for years.

If you attended, please write your name down here. No sigs.

1. Roger Decksteel

2. Lord Jeremiah Garland

3. Sven Daggersteel

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