Little Phil

Little Phil is a member of Savvy Academy. He has a few YouTube videos such as POTCO-Savvy Academy. He also served in Captain Blackbeard's crew. We don't know much about him, he sailed the seven seas and met a few friends in his way. Little Phil's best friend was I'ndestructible. He met her when she was level 10 and Phil was level 7 (she now is lv50 & Phil is level 40). This Little adventurer's size can't be explained. Tale says his mother & dad were dwarfs (this race is now not in the game anymore) and some others say he drank a shrinkin' potion and the effects aren't dissapearing! Little Phil's ship is called The Buccaneer Hunter ( War Frigate ) . The ship name was given to him when he was a Black Guard. Also, Little Phil is a rich pirate and does not need of plunder ( right now )

Little Phil's Videos - POTCO - Savvy Academy - POTCO - Clothing sets - POTCO - Buccaneer Boot Camp event

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