Lieutenant James Treasurehawk 1663 - 1714

  • Birth: November 12, 1663, London, England
  • Rank: 1st Lieutenant
    James Treasurehawk

    James Treasurehawk

  • Reason of Death: Shot
  • Favorite Weapon (When Living) : Royal Sabre
  • Occupation (When Living) : EITC


As an explorer he helped discover the scraps of rock which inspired privateering, later on he joined the EITC and became very high up in the ranks. He met Rosaline who was a pirate, James continued his career as an explorer and gave up his wealthy life in the EITC.

Later on he was he was shot by an EITC soldier during a raid.


  • Commodore James Treasurehawk (Father)
  • Elizabeth ???????? (Mother)
  • Rosaline Cavajo (Wife)
  • General Simon Treasurehawk (Son)
  • Lieutenant General Christopher Seamorgan (Son)
  • Mercades Treasurehawk (Daughter)
  • Gabriela Treasurehawk (Daughter)
  • Mydro (Nephew)
  • William Seafury (Nephew)

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