Bleed Red -- Ronnie Dunn (LYRICS!)03:33

Bleed Red -- Ronnie Dunn (LYRICS!)

This is the unofficial theme song of Liberty Rebels. (No copyright infringement intended.)

Liberty Rebels Flag

The Flag of Liberty Rebels. The sun symbolizes two things. The first, the sunset on the tyranny, and intimidation of cyber bullies. The second, the sunrise on the new, free pirates online, which has no bullies. The swords duel with a knight in the background, symbolizes the Liberty Rebels fight for justice, and the dove symbolizes the peace Liberty Rebels helps to ensure. Each light ray, symbolizes a guild that has joined Liberty Rebels.

Following the end of Operation Sparrow's Feathers this page will be removed.

The Alliance wishes this page removed due to its security risk to the alliance. The alliance will operate in secret now, and will not be moved from its mission.

For more information on the removal of this information please contact the High Command of the Liberty Rebels Alliance.

Spared Information

What information that will be spared is this:

The alliance is a collection of guilds across many online games throughout the internet, with the common purpose of ending cyber-bullying.

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