Life Story

Lerano de Sinti is the owner of The Lost Weapons of Lerano de Sinti.

Lerano was a young boy that grew up in Spain. When he got older he became a Spanish Marine. Then he became a priavteer for Spain. Then he became Captain Lerano de Sinti of the Redfire Conquistadors. They lead many raids on England, France, and the Caribbean. He claimed an island called Lerano Tetinio ( Lee ron o te tin ee no) . That was his base. One day Lerano came face-to-face with El Muerta, another Conquistador. El Muerta and his men fought the Redfire Conquistadors. Then, El Muerta and Lerano had a battle. It was called The Clash of Conquistadors ( go to the page for the full battle details ). Lerano won. 20 years later Zeke killed Lerano.

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