About me

Leon Dreadpratt is a lvl39 unlimited acsess member

he curently is the master of a guide "destroyers of hell" who needs more members, if you see him anyone can join!

Lost Relics

masterwork cutlass

golden charm

skullbane repeater pistol (sadly i can't use it yet though)

grand blunderbuss

Skill Levels

-potion 9

-sailing 22

-cannon 15

-sword 25

-pistol 26

-voodoo doll 27

-dagger 24

-gernaids 14

-staff 23

My favorite pages text and photos on dog by me, ive seen him but he really is tiny and hard to seem text and photo about his return are all by me (ive seen him his message sound urgent he needs help) the blue guy is me
Me lvl 38

thats me

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