What is known thus far...

Not much could be said about Lawrence Roberts. He sailed to the Caribbean to start a new life when a trade offer went sour and he ended up on Kingshead awaiting the trip back to England for trial. His prison ship made a stop on Rackshamble where he by chance met the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow. Rumor was that he was to wed a EITC maiden, but left the night before the wedding. Though he vaugely remembers ever meeting her in the first place.

Today, he is searching for rare or famed weaponry and plundering to his heart's content. He lived on the second floor of the King's Rump on Tortuga (on any server) or above the Rowdy Rooster in Port Royal, where he operates a privateer company called the West Caribbean Co.. . His dream is to sail for the Rio Grande and retire, once his job in the Caribbean is done.

His tales and journey
Lawrence Roberts - Regular

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Basic Infomation of said Pirate

Wepaon Level
Pistol 30
Sword 30
Dagger 30
Grenades 30
Sailing 30
Cannon 30
Voodoo weaponry (doll / staff ) 30/ 20

Weapons of Choice

  • Skullbone Repeater pistol- Primary gunpowder weapon.
  • Black Shark Blade- Primary sword
  • Hex Stopper Musket- Musket of choice against voodoo
  • Assasin's Cutlass -(Nick-named Ezio) Secondary weapon of choice

Rumor is that he is going after the Broadsword of the Inquisition.

Aquired Fames

  • Corsair's Cutlass
  • Executioner's Pistol
  • Golden Charm
  • Silver Freeze
  • Viper's Den Dagger

Plundering Record: (currently under going constant changes)

Gold: 161,318* (of 200,000 limit) *give or take

  • Juggernaunt Class War Frigate: 14 ( The cannons on the Forturne Mercenary are 24 pound guns salvaged from their wrecks)
  • Treasure Fleets: 7.25 (assistance from guild, ships and other pirates)
  • Hunters and Warships: 100+
  • Others: 3000+

Ships Lawrence owned

  • Fortune General- war galleon (sold to buy Fortune Mercenary)
  • Sea runner- light sloop/ "Al Nadda Sri Jhacard" War Sloop (Fate remains unknown)
  • 'Fortune Mercenary'- (current flagship-War Brig)
  • Frederich- Captured Prussian sixth rate frigate (sunk off Tripoli by Barbary privateers)
  • Le Cheftan du Burgandy- French Sloop of war (burned out of haterd for being a French ship)
  • Flying Drunkard- Scottish Dingy (lost to Loch Ness Monster)
  • Rio Grande- Spanish Galleon (sold to Spanish fleet)
  • Everfree- Fourth rate Ship of the Line (Current Location: Unknown)

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