These entries are properties of Lawrence Roberts

Journal Entries 1741-1776

Febuary 20th, 1741 Somewhere on the Antlantic

It's been two months since I left Southampton, with nothing but my chest, the clothes on my back, and hundreds of miles between me and my old life. I never did know my family well, except for my brother who had just sailed for the Colonies in North America to start his own life. I wanted to join him, but the warm water air would help with my condition. I plan to make for either the Bahamas or Port Royal, open up a book shop and live my life in simplicity. But a stranger told me of a better offer once I reach Nassau, so I took his advice.

April 1, 1741 Nassau, Bahamas

This morning, I arrived in the Port of Nassau, where the stranger told me of the deal. Little did I know that it was ment for a Pirate wanted by the East India Trading Company, and that they mistook me for said pirate. My life was over as they shoved me onto a prison barg heading back across to England, for a trail and hanging.

April 15, 1741 Rambleshack

We're making a stop for the night here, and suddenly, they left me here. It turned out that Heather's mother had died from a horrible accident with a dress corset and couldn't breahte, so the wedding was postponed. It felt that my troubles were over for the time being, but then I forgot about the hanging back home and tried to sleep it off. That's when I met a pirate named Jack Sparrow...

November 15, 1744

It's been three years since I ran into Jack back on Rambleshack, and so far I've made a living as a pirate. fighting Jolly Roger, the Navy and the EITC, looting, sailing and learning about Voodoo after my fancy play with a sword and gun. I've help retrieve the Black Pearl and claim a cursed sword from El Patron's lair on Raven's Cove. I am truly enjoying my pirate life, and also a ship load of gold. I do not know what the future holds in store for me, but I know one thing: It's not going to to be good.

January 10, 1775

More than twenty years have past since I've last written in this worn sea-soaked journal, and things have changed since... (You will have to see the adventures back on the main page; just below the journal link)

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