Jack Swordmenace (right) moves in to kill Slappy (left). One of Slappy's henchman is dying (bottom right)

Info has been found on Slappy's Death. He is coming online one more time until he deletes his players.


Slappy's name was revealed to be Jack during the battle.

Slappy recruits an army of skilled henchman and leads an attack on Devil's Anvil.

The war is called 'Last Stand".

First, The Brethren defeats all the henchman while they attack. Then Slappy confronts Jack Swordmenace in an epic final battle.

Slappy makes his last slash when Swordmenace blocks it, pushes Slappy, and stabs him on the heart.


It turns out, after Slappy was killed, Swordmenace begins to see 3 symbols: Sun, Moon, and Star. These were elements Slappy used to win battles. They are hard to lear, however. Jack found 3 badges that had the Sun, Moon, and Star on them. Now, when the stars, The Sun, or the Moon parts with his sword, He has powerful advantages.


Have all the Pirate Lords come to Devil's Anvil at 6:10 Pacific Time Friday. Cortevos Server

Can't, got too much work to do. Can we push this to Friday? lol

~ Jack Swordmenace, King of the 5th Brethren Court

What kinda work?

NICE work!!

THIS WILL BE SO KOOL TO WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! but uh Jack Slappy QUIT yesterday, i think he said he wont be coming on for at least 4 months

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