He was born in the Year 1200, to a peasant in modern-day Aire Scotland. His father was the Kinslayer, but the Kinslayer left before he was born because duty called. The mom understood that he had a very important role to play, especially the line of work he was in. The Mom traveled with him for a while, during the Crusade, and picked up on the fighting style of the Kinslayer. She vowed her son would be just like Kinslayer. She named him Eradicus. Eradicus was of course raised, to fight in the taverns in the town learning to street fight. He got sword fighting lessons from the local blacksmith John. He practiced 6 hours a day, every day. He had much natural talent. The senses of the Mystic that found the Original Kinslayer, found the second Kinslayer because he could sense his DNA flowing through him. He went to the Mom because he knew that the Mom knew of the Kinslayer, so he told her that it was time for him to serve in the Military. He lied because he was going to bring him to the same person that trained the Kinslayer.


He went to the man who trained Kinslayer and like his father did everything required. But one thing the trainer noticed about Kinslayer, is that he was much more nimble and he moved faster than the Original Kinslayer and had more natural talent. Because the Mystic now knew the Power spell worked, he increased its amount by 1,000,000,000 information cells. So he could jump up to 400 ft high. He was trained in the Way of the Iron Fist, and the new martial art forms that the trainer developed based on the Original Kinslayers movement pattern. He was more gifted with a sword, and an arrow.

Confronting His Father

He joined the Army and enlisted as Kinslayer II which Kinslayer found out about. He saw Kinslayer for the first time, and he was in INCREDIBLE shape. Kinslayer II almost intimidated Kinslayer. But however, they did fight together and Kinslayer and his army noticed that Kinslayer II was just like him maybe just a little bit better. Kinslayer was tempted to show him up. He was upset that he was not the only one with the ability now.
Red Ninja by bobbett

Uniform while on the field, based on his fathers uniform but enhanced



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