&nbsp Keelhauled is one of the songs in the album Music of the Pirate Wars, which comes along the book Pirates of the Caribbean: The Pirate Wars (only special edition). The song by Alestorm has been modified to a more orchestral version, and serves as the overall theme for the book.

Other songs include:

  • Dying Hero (Tobias Sharksteel's Theme)
  • The Undead March (Jolly Roger's Theme)
  • Sad Strings
  • Natalie (Sarah Redhayes' Theme)
  • Just Good Business (EITC's Theme)
  • Hoist the Colours (Pirate Theme)
  • The Duel (Swordfight Theme)
  • A Cruel Man (Lord Cutler Beckett's Theme)
  • Rogues (Marceline Guild's Theme)

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