History of the Necklace

Jolly Roger's necklace of Death was a one of a kind voodoo item. It was necklace made out of golden string and the essance of the Undead itself. On the string was a glass skull. It had rubies for eyes and it glowed a bright green. The necklace was so powerful it would make you immune from dying. When you wore it, any sword, gun, even a staff couldn't kill you. Jolly locked the necklace away to save it for a special occasion. One night, EITC Soldier Will Daggerskull (who is now a 1 star General with Lord Hernadez) snuck into Jolly's secret hiedout and stole the necklace. Jolly was furious, so he sent a horde of skeletons after Will.

Jolly Roger's necklace of Death

What the necklace looks like. (Sorry if it looks too cartoony).

General Daggerskull: what he plans

So far, I've kept the necklace for myself to keep me safe. But now I plan to give it to my master, Lord Hernadez. I know he needs it more than me. The skeletons will still think I have it, so I'll tell them {CLASSIFIED} has it. They'll go after him and his guild.

Other powers the necklace has

The necklace could do more than keep you from dying. You could also spawn skeletons straight from the ground. You could turn humans into undead skeletons. You even had the same powers Jolly Roger has (For example, Dark Thunderbolt).

Rumors of the necklace

Rumors have been going around, saying that Davy Jones and his Crew want the necklace so Davy Won't die, even if his heart is destroyed.

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