Johnny Darksteel

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Johnny Darksteel is an very notorious pirate in the caribbean and roams with a band of pirates known as Emerald Sea Gang (ESG). Johnny Darksteels life has many ups and downs and he has acuired some of the famed weapons of El Patron and has also acuired a legendary weapon from Foulberto Smasho. One of his many goals is to collect all 7 legendary weapons El Patron's Lost Sword, World Eater Blade, Thunderspike Sword, Behemoth Blade, Blade of the Abyss, and The Emerald Curse (I didn't add Silver Freeze because I already have it).

Here are some of his known levels.

Notoriety: 50

Cannon: 27

Sailing: 30

Sword: 30

Shooting: 30

Doll: 30

Dagger: 30

Grenade : 30

Staff: 30

Potions: 19

Fishing: 20


War Frigate: Sea Demom

If you would like to hang out with Johnny Darksteel and ESG you can always find me roaming the islands on Cozila.

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