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Jeremiah Stormwash' favorite part of the cave, and his personal quarters.

The Discovery

One day, Jeremiah Stormwash was in El Patron's Mine, killing ghosts at the idol, and all of a sudden he saw an opening in the wall between some rocks. He moved those rocks instantly with his great strength, and there was an entrance to a cave. Not any cave though, this cave was so special that Jeremiah could go anywhere in the mines, behind an invincible wall, and saw everything.

What Happened Next

What happened next was a series of unexpected events. First Jeremiah can kill ghosts without being hurt, because ghosts cannot enter the cave, he named this area Cave of the Living Sake. Another thing that happened was that his friend, Matthew O'malley teleported to him, but could not enter. Only after this did Jeremiah realize that this is not the Cave of the Living Sake, but Jeremiah Stormwash's Secret Lair.

Jeremiah went and asked the only person who can answer his question, Tia Dalma. He asked her about the bondings of buildings, and how they work. When the discussion was over, Jeremiah knew how make that place rumple in seconds, and how to let his friends enter.

Jeremiah Throne

Jeremiah stands near his chair in his layer!

Now And The Furute

To this day, the cave is in the property of Jeremiah Stormwash, and he is the only one who can enter without permission. Nobody else knows about it.

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