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Widened Picture of Jamie

Jamie is a Basic Access master who is usually on Abassa at Dark Hart or at Fort Charles. He mastered cutlass for Basic Access in three days, and he is very powerful for someone with Basic Access. He has befriended many pirates like Poeman, Bill The Butcher, and Constance Lockcastle. He is very friendly and always likes to help people.

What he does for fun

He usually battles Dark Hart for gold and playing cards. He is a master at Blackjack. He is usually seen on Abassa in Ratskellar at Padres Del Fuego playing Blackjack. He also likes Privateering, which his rank is 9 in, and using his cutlass on the Navy.


He was once Guildmaster of Royal Elites. He has been in various guilds including The Darkest Ones, Pirate Army Co., Savvy Academy, Wrath of Ravens, Crew Quarters, I N F E R N O, and he is currently in the guild We Are Spartans.


Although he is very friendly, Disney terminated his first account because of using a glitch. His son, Jamie the Second, now roams the Caribbean on Abassa.


You can always find him on Abassa, or at any special event in the Caribbean (Mardi Gras, etc).

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