James Sunsteel is a EITC Politican who is currently serving in Viceroyalty Co. He first joined the EITC at level four and was given the rank of Guard of fort which was given to him most kindly by the serving officer of his guild.

The Right Honorable

James Sunsteel MNA

Justice Secretary

February 5th - Present

Education Secretary

Jan 12th 2011 - Jan 31st 2011

Head of the Army

February 5th - Present

Grand Lord of the Legendary Co Elites

2010 - 2011


James is currently in the Northern Assembly the government of the guild however he resigned his post as Education Secretary and rejoined being promoted the Justice Secretary and Lord Lieutenant.

Early life

James first joined the EITC at the Rank of Guardsmen and was granted the job of guarding fort charles from any pirate threats, buy doing the job so good earner him a reward in moving up the ranks very quickly and making him quite popular with the guilds GM, james then got transfered EITC guild to EITC guild when the leaders of the EITC changed but instead of staying outside the head of the EITC's guild he remained with the Head Lord in order to assist him in any way possible.

The Co Empire

James joined The Co Empire after Leon's so called defeat a new guild unlike the older one which was the Flagship guild, he then decided to work his way up the ranks in order to get noticed by the top EITC officals at the time, Usman the First Secretary of state of the Northern Assembly a new government that was formed noticed james's potential and offered him a job as Education Secretary which he accepted, he later made rules about training the men and oftern told fellow officer trainers to make sure they where strict so that the future of the EITC would be tough and stable and not be in the danger zone of falling into enemy hands.

James however quit The Co Empire after critisism and people not respecting him for what he was, he was replaced by Edgar Wildrat as Education Secretary and did not join for a few weeks again.

James joined again and was promoted to Justice Secretary and Lord Lieutenant a job which was in charge of justice in the Caribbean, he was then working in the ranks and getting everything organized into a proper punishment diargram which he claimed would "Prove a good and stable society to the EITC".

He has recently become a Candidate in the Northern Assembly President General Election which polls tell us that he has a great chance in becoming the president for a long time and should lead the government into a good a free state.

Education Secretary

James was Promoted to education secretary in the northern assembly and then set to work in organizing a real training system for the guild, james was noted to be a great trained when it came to soldiering although he didnt train them himself he was in charge of ordering people to do so.

After a few weeks he kept his rank and still did his good deads of service to the guild that whom he served however the guild critisised him and did not respect him and due to this he handed in his resignation and joined another EITC guild which he belived who respect him in a better and more nicer way unlike the co empire that did not prove him good enough.

Justice Secretary & Lord Lieutenant

James joined again becoming a high rank and being promoted to a Officer of guild and Justice Secretary a job which was in charge of managing the Department for Justice, after this nobody messed around with james as they knew if they did they would get their neck on the block, however James has shown that a proper systmem for justice would be needed to replace the old system which was left by lord leon which was a Hanging sentence and a firing squad which he said " was in the past time for the future" he then debated and made a statement in the Assembly HQ and won the debate which proved him to be a iconic role model to other Ministers and secretarys that served not just in the Northern Assembly but around the globe and any place further.

Presidential Election

James has currently entered the General Election for the President of the Northern Assembly which he first signed up for as the First candidate, polls from the guild would like him as the President however the Prime Minister Jeremiah Garland was said to have also have entered which could prove him a great challenge to overcome however the Election would be on Saturday the 12th of February and he hopes and belives he has a good chance in winning.


Logo eitc emblem James Sunsteel is an EITC character in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
EITC Member James Sunsteel's EITC Rank is Justice Secretary & Head of Co Empire Army.
NORTH ASSEMBLY James Sunsteel is a Justice Secretary & Lord Lieutenant in the Northern Assembly

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