Lion 4 Jack Squidward is a True Englishman at heart!
Pirate Guild Jack Squidward is in the Black Officers guild.
Logo eitc emblem Jack Squidward is an EITC character in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
LevelTemplate30 Jack Squidward has reached Notoriety level 30!
EITC Member Jack Squidward's EITC Rank is Admiral.
Screenshot 2011-03-03 17-46-11

Jack in his EITC Uniform

Baron Jack Squidward is an East India Trading Company Admiral. He can often be found around Lord Poeman and other members of the Black Officers and EITC, such as Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard .

Early life

Jack Squidward was born Jack Mc'Wallace in Perth, Scotland to an Irish Father and Scottish Mother. His father was of lower nobility; a Baron to the King of England. Not much is known about Jack's childhood, though it is known he was afforded education and showed a keen interest in politics. He also enjoyed swordplay.

Images of Jack

Screenshot 2011-03-03 17-41-50

Here is Jack in his Noble Court Clothing.

Screenshot 2011-03-03 17-12-05

Jack on a Guildmate's ship.

Screenshot 2011-03-03 17-46-15

Jack in Tortuga near sunset in full EITC ensemble.

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