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The Start

As a boy, Jack used to go fishing everyday with his father. Ned Plunderpaine. He loved his father as much as his own life. His family was everything they got. Jack one day went with his friends celebrate with the marceline guild on the shores of Tortuga. When they arrived they saw unecpected guests.....


The Royal navy and the EITC blackguards were arresting pirates for killing the Navy Admiral. Jack looked at the innocen people of Tortuga. He ran as fast as he could. His friends, were all ready dead. Then he spotted his mother preparing to being hanged. He ran to her. He threw a dagger into the rope, his mother fell to the ground. They all quickly lanched a light sloop and sailed into the high seas.

The Brethren Court

Eight years later, they returned to Port Royal. But his father who has decided to stay and fight for the Brethren Court was missing. Jack went to check the Fort. Suddenly a Navy guard twisted his arm and stabed his leg. The guard took him to the admiral.


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