Jack Blackwing is a proud officer of the guild Rogue Thieves. The Rogue Thieves are a semi famous guild on antama ocean on Tortuga. Though he only has basic member access and is only lvl 14, he has been to many places. For example El Patron's mines. If anyone wants to friend him he is usually around tortuga or Raven's Cove with the Rogue Thieves guildmaster Johnny Goldcoine. The Rogue Thieves have an ongoing rivalry with the P E A C E Keppers and are in the middle of an ongoing war. Jack is the head of the Rogue Thieves recruiting department and has recruited almost as many people as the guildmaster. Soon Jack will be fighting El Patron, if anyon wants to help they should come on antama, tortuga and meet up with him on a saturday , boston time zone.

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