Not much is known about Isla De Los Muertos. It is rumored that the island is directly controlled by Jolly Roger. Rumor is that this island was taken over by Jolly Roger, and is the place where he breads his creations, makes his armies, and builds his ships. This island which was once home to many exotic and rare creatures is now GONE, and ruled by one of the Evilist "men" in the Caribbean. Some say Jolly Roger has a home there, but nobody that has ever travelled to the island before has returned to tell the tale.

The Story

La Isla De Los Muertos, is an ancient island, formed by a volcano. It was the home to a many
Mysterious foggy island

A rare photo of the island

odd species of animal, and had a small port city that served as an exotic goods trading post. The island is covered in lush jungles, deep swamps, large mountains, and beautiful beaches. It was one of the first islands that Jolly Roger invaded, since it was a small island, it was easy to conquer, and Jolly new that. It is said that on that island Jolly Roger created his undead army, and continues to experiment and create all sorts of odd creatures, that will serve him.


Mystic Mire

The Mystic Mire is a swamp that was located in the northern region of the island. In the center of the swamp was located a smal island of quick sand. The Mystic Mire was home to the Vortexian Poison Fly Trap, Glob Worms, Cragidiles, and Swash Fungus. These species of organisms can't be found anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Jaccuzi Beach

The Jaccuzi Beach was the nicest beach in the whole Caribbean. The sand there was slightly tinted a light, teal blue, which glistened in the sun like no other. The sand was also a natural temperature subordinator (if that's even a word), which means it kept the ideal temperature, when in the sunlight and getting warm, it disperses a gas that is created from the rays, which cools it down, when it gets too cool, the gasses freeze which cause a gradual warming. Since the sand did this the water was always the ideal temperature for swimming. The Jaccuzi Beach was also home to the Snaperian Turtle.

Pueblo Jungle

The Pueblo Jungle was an extremely thick jungle. It was Nearly impossible to navigate it was so thick. The Trees were extremely strong, and very close to each other. They were so strong, and big, that a small

These are some rare photos of one of the smaller villages

village was built into, and around the trees. It was truly an amazing hideout. It was also home to the Ellians, which were small, bear like, creatures.

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