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These creatures appear on the main islands ONLY on Halloween.

Blue Skeleton

This is the weakest kind of Halloween creature. He is an undead gypsy with blue bones.

Weapon: Doll

Level: 20-25

Found in: Tortuga, wandering the beaches

Orc Skeleton

These creatures are only slightly tougher than the previous. They are Undead Bandits with boomerangs.

Weapon: Boomerang

Level: 30-36

Found in: Port royal wandering the towns

Heat Skeleton

These are the strongest Skeleton kind. He is an undead raider with red bones.

Weapon: Club

Level: 40-45

Found in: Padres del Fuego wandering the streets.

Halloween Ghost

Devious ghost with white shade. They are the toughest of the Halloween creatures.

Weapon: Staff

Level: 50-55

Found in: All islands.


These enemies have no bosses.

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