The HMS Juggernaut is a Ship Of The Line class Warship captained by Slappy. It has 50 broadside cannons on each side of the ship with 20 cannons on each side of the deck. It attacks with Firebrand and Explosive ammmunition.


300 yards


Slappy. Lord Cutler Beckett. RumpelStiltskin.

Notable crew members

Murtogg, Mullroy, all of Rumpel's minions, and some Co. Empire members.


The HMS Juggernaut's color is a brown normal wood deck, on the port and starboard side it is yellow. All of it's cannons are dark black. Its sails are white with the EITC Black Guard's simbol in the middle.


Its armor is incredible. It is 100% which makes it almost totally impossible to sink.

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