Gum Gum Fruit is a Fruit from an enchanted tree that gives the person who eats it a special power such as immortality, rubber-like body, fire powers even a combination. But you can only eat up to 3 after that the fruit kills you, in a majority of cases, you lose the ability to swim.The only way the Fruit's powers can be rid from you is if, you either die or you go see Tia Dalma, wait a year and she will give you a special fruit that expels the Gum-Gum Fruit from your body.

Here is a list of Fruit types and their power

~ Captain Jim Logan ~ Being able to choose age and choose when to die

~Victor Creed Logan ~ Near Limitless knowlage(Later Expelled)

~Captain Chris Jericho ~ Arrogance and Fire Powers

~Lord Leon ~ Ego

~Pearson Wright~ Extreme Attention Hogginess

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