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Each island has their own President who leads the island and its government, the President is elected by elections which happen every month in order to make a good democratic government for the people of the Caribbean.
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Each island has a President and Deputy President, however, more ranks will come when each island has a Deputy President and president.

More island governments will be launched when places are taken for the main islands.

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Government Parties

Below are the parties that are running to be in power on each island. NOTE: you can NOT create your own party without permission.

  1. Conservative
  2. SNP
  3. Liberal Democrat





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Kingshead is an important district in the Caribbean that is controlled by the EITC, however we would like pirates to come to our side against the likings of Captain Leon, a person who wishes for himself to become leader and dictator, that is the reason why he had to be removed from his command over the East India Trading Company due to his means of taking everything over. However we go with pirates and will support them at all means against leons wishes and rules.

Port Royal

President: John Breasly, Savvy Designs Member

Deputy President:


Port Royal is an important port in the Caribbean. Its status is controlled by the Navy. However, there have been reports of pirates wandering the island. Therefore, in highly restricted areas, the Black Guard has been employed. We have found several bases where pirates have held meetings, all deserted. Such areas are under watch. This island is considered the capital of the Caribbean, and it will stay that way, with England at it's head, and justice at it's heart.

King John Breasly of England



Deputy President:


Padres Del Fuego

President: 252

21121 251 11

Deputy President:


Raven Cove

President: Jack Redsliver

Deputy President:

STATEMENT: I hate Pirates. I like to eat pirates for lunch

Discussions of war

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Each candidate is voted by members of the Caribbean four times and which after he/she will have a overall score which will make him President of his constituency.

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