Who are we?

We are some of the best, most skilled swordsman, assassins, bounty hunters, and trackers you could even find in the Caribbean. If you want somebody dead, you always come to us! But careful, it'll cost you some gold.


  1. REDIRECT User:Captain Crimson/Sig4 ~ The Goodfella

252 21121 251 11 ~ The Second Goodfella

JollyRogerInvasionOh look a SQUIRREL!!! ~ The Third Goodfella


I would appreciate if nobody copied this uniform idea! Thanks!

  1. The Goodfella - Golden/Silver Amethist/Emerald Ring
  2. The Second Goodfella - Silver Ruby Ring
  3. The Third Goodfella - Golden Sapphire Ring
  4. Other Members - Golden Turquoise Ring

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