Sail ramming speed Golden Brigand is a War Frigate!!

The Golden Brigand is a ship in possesion of Nate Raidhawk, and it is a frigate of the warship class. Nate coughed up the gold for the cost of it by spending hours looting at Darkhart. Also, the ship was named after El Bandidos.


Nate Raidhawk sails this ship around Guines and uses it to loot helpless EITC ships. In Guines
Golden Brigand 2010-10-13 18-33-01

The Golden Brigand Is Spotted off the Coast of Tortuga

, the ship can be found near Isla Tormenta sailing around, attacking nearby British Navy and East India Company ships.


  • The ship is very maneuverable and can easily dodge incoming broadsides.
  • Since Bandido's Bay is part of the Bandido Empire, any of Nate Raidhawk's vessels will fire at will if any ships are seen in Bandido territory.
  • The Golden Brigand has a fatal ramming tip.

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