Glitching is an art used by 50% of all Pirates. Glitches are things that accur in game because of either a players desire, a bug, or simply a slip-into-glitch. In this article, we will explain common glitching, ranks, tips, and other things.


A glitch can go from jumping into a rock, to being able to jump above islands!

Small Glitches

Small glitches are the easy type. They dont have much benefit, but if your bored, they are a good thing to do. Say there's a tight corner.... then walk into it! most likely, you will go into a glitch!

Big Glitches

Coming Soon


  1. Glitch Master
  2. Glitch Specialist
  3. Glitch Artist
  4. Glitch-Hunter

Glitch-alist ( lol i couldn't think of anything else )

  1. Glitch-Unveiler
  2. Glitch Finder
  3. Glitch-lover
  4. Glitch Learner
  5. Glitcher

Once you find a glitch by YOURSELF, you become a Glitcher. Some people say they know EVERY glitch. If so, they are a Glitch Master. Some hidden glitches that are hard, and not commonly known, such as : Secret Room Glitch, PvP glitch, and those type are harder, and require a Glitch Specialist or higher to work them. God Glitches are not provided, for they are considered Cheating.

Samuel Swordeaston claims he knows EVERY glitch. This isn't possible. He may know of 85% or so.. but he says he has ' Mastered ' every glitch other than PvP glitch. These type of people are kinda..... what you would call.... bragging. But Samuel IS a Glitch-Master

Glitch Masters

Glitch Masters are pirates who know the main meterial of glitches. What causes a glitch, good slip-throughs and trips, where glitches usually are, and how to enter a glitch are things Glitch Masters usually know. Sky-walk is an important skill of glitching that Glitch Masters should know before taking un-easy tasks of glitching. Glitch Masters usually know most glitchs and have discovered a new glitch way before others. Getting into a glitch the first time you try is called mastering a glitch. Meaning.. you know the glitch very well... have practiced it many times.. and learned the best skipthrough.


How do i become a glitch master?

Becoming a Glitch Master

Coming Soon

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