George (Geo) Bluegrim 

George Geo Bluegrim is emperor of The Empire Of The Awesome Geo. He joined Pirates Online in Janurary of 2008. He did have an old body, but he gave his old account to his cousin.

Early life

After a year of being inactive Geo decided to recreate his pirate and replay the MMORPG. He created a new pirate in 2009 where he got the nickname Geo. 

After a few months he decided to join a guild. Points of Authority was his first guild. he then bounced around through guilds until he finally decicded to create his own.

On October 6, 2011 he created Pie Ninjas a guild that he named after his comic strip he made when he was little.

Although in 2010 he created his empire it was in 2011 when he had a guild in his empire instead of just close friends. 

As Emperor

George soon learned how to run a guild and decided he should created another pirate to control another guild. on April 24, 2013 he created Master Meep along with the guild The Savvy Stars.After a few months the guild grew and he had made a desision to quit Pie Ninjas and become leader of The Savvy Stars. He can be found almost anywhere but mainly hides in his base in the Warehouse on Kingshead. He does have a walking stick that is also a sword.

Dragon sword walking stick thingy

George's cane that is also a sword.


Screenshot 2013-07-18 19-57-38

George standing near a warehouse.

Many people have called George annoying... and its true.

In 2009 he started to annoy people who were mean to him when he first joined the game. He sa

ys its to get revenge but most think its because he just likes to annoy. he always said to people who tell him to stop " Stop? why should I you never stoped making fun of me. " 

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