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 Last Revised on August 3rd, 2016

In order to ensure that most, if not all, staff members of The Gamers Fanon Wiki are active participants in the community, The Gamers Fanon Wiki has adopted an Inactive Staff Policy. The policy came from the Sims Wiki. Any inactive staff member breaking this policy will be punished accordingly to their actions. The policy is as follows:

  • A staff member is inactive when they do not make (1) non-minor (examples of minor edits: correcting spelling, participating in discussions unrelated to any of these games, editing their userpage) or 8 minor contributions within four weeks. Both types of edits must obviously be made in good faith.
  • Staff members will be given a reminder after four weeks of inactivity. This will serve as their first and only warning. If staff members do not make a non-minor, good faith edit or 8 minor, also good faith edits within 1 week after their warning, they will be subject to demotion.
  • Making a non-minor, good faith edit after their 1 week warning expires cannot save a staff member from demotion, as at that point, their window for "redemption," will have already technically expired. However, if a demoted staff member wishes to be repromoted a maximum of 3 months after being demoted, a simple staff vote will be held to decide their fate. If the vote passes, they will regain their position; if it fails, they remain a normal user."


  • Staff Members must be consistently active and not have spotted activity, or they will also be considered inactive.For a History of Notices please see Inactive Sysop Policy Log
  • Please use the following Templates:
    • {{InactiveAdmin}} - for the first Notice
    • {{InactiveAdmin/Second Notice}} - for 1 week after the first Notice

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