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These users have many abilities

What can Administrators do?

  • Delete and undelete pages, and uploaded files.
  • Lock a page so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without admin rights or auto confirmed status.
  • Ban and unban a user from chat.
  • Ban users from the wiki.
  • Edit the interface of the wiki by changing system messages and skins.
  • Grant and revoke Rollback rights.
  • Grant and revoke Chat Moderator rights.

What can Administrators not do?

  • Grant Bureaucratic rights.
  • Grant and revoke Administrator rights.

Who are this wiki's Administrators?

Name Powers Activity Time Zone
Lord Andrew Mallace Bureaucrat, Sysop Very Active  MST
WaglingtonΠSysop Very Active PST
Squirto19 Sysop Very Active EST

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