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Mr. Midshipman Venables
Although it may not have been the historical document in our "fanon" wikia; it is one of the most well cared for. Mr. Venables did commit his time and effort to his writing which is shown by his diction and grammar. It was interesting how I was portrayed as the "Good Captain" at that and I found it to be a good chortle. To rather glorify himself, or any others; Ishamel accentuates the British "Land of Hope and Glory" to which in a great aspect, I believe his true purpose in his writing was actually in support of the entire idea of Role-play, to which we both love and hate. Overall, quite a damn good narrative. (read more)

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    (Mallace gave me perms to use this thx)

    This blog no longer applies ripriprip

    Just a quick notice to everyone, as you may have noticed the chat display in Recent Wiki Activity only lists Gio as being i…

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  • Lord Andrew Mallace

    Greetings, this shall be quick. Upon the consent of the users in chat, which included every staff member and a few users, the SSC shall now only be used (as it should be) for more serious votes.


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  • Lord Andrew Mallace

    Hey y'all-

    As your new self-declared wiki Emperor of American Affairs and All Things Freedom (AAATF, pronounced Aāh-tuff), I wanted to bring back the newsletter. It would something fun for us to do an…

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  • Captain Ned Edgewalker

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    So, as made official by Mr. President Parax, here is the blog for the 1st An…

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