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Welcome to Gamers Fanon Wiki

The Gamers Fanon Wiki is a wiki where anyone can create any Gaming themed stories, creations, and adventures! We Are Currently Editing 5,770 Pages with over 734,084 edits , and YOU can help!!!

"You all have given me a reason to live, love, and a reason to put a smile on my face." ~ Curycoo, Wiki Founder

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Voting Begins for the next Wiki Oscars in June 20 2014 00:00:00 EST!


A Wiki Oscar is a award for the wiki and they happen once a year and feature a winners video. All the categories will be voted on by the wiki members via a survey.

Wiki News
  • WaglingtonŒ

    From Al's SSC post:

    "It is clear to me that things will be re-requested quickly when a few qualifiers change or the situation changes. Regardless, some may try to propose the same thing rather too qu…

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  • G-man.

    From the original blog post.

    Before I copy paste the vote from Ned, a few closing words. The last few weeks have been nothing but PM-banter and political scheming. While I am not against positive chan…

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  • G-man.


    May 9, 2016 by G-man.

    A few days ago a demotion request was put up for myself. It passed the SSC and was defeated when it came down to a Community Vote. The majority of the opposes were from past users of the Wiki. Under…

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  • G-man.

    From Nults McKagan's SSC post.

    I probably should have just lumped this in with my last request as one big "#ReformVoting2k16" vote, but I didn't think of it. Basically, some of the voting rules we hav…

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