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User Awards

Voting for the 2016 User Awards starts in December 19, 2016!

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A User Award is an award from the wiki. They happen once a year and feature many categories. All the categories will be voted on by Wiki members via a survey.
Wiki News
  • Squirto19

    So Wikia implemented a new Nav Bar sometime within the last 12 hours, and that's always fun to get hit with that. While it looks great it actually brought up a problem that has apparently been hiding…

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  • G-man.

    New Scripts

    May 5, 2017 by G-man.

    These scripts have been added to the wiki.  

    1. DiscussionsFeed - Allows discussions to be seen easily in Special:RecentChanges and makes a new page Special:DiscussionsFeed.
    2. SaveKey - Allows pages to be s…

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  • WaglingtonŒ


    From the SSC:

    "First of all, I think the section of our policy about "Role-Play" should be renamed "POTCO/TLOPO Roleplay" since it pertains specifically to roleplay from tho…

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  • Lord Andrew Mallace

    Copy-pasted from Squirto19's post here:

    "Mall requested that we do this through the SSC and a community vote, so here we go. The whole purpose of this vote is to see if the majority of staff/the commu…

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The 'Gamers Fanon Wiki' contains multiple articles posted by our users. These articles are fanon and are not to be considered actual lore of their respective franchises. These fan-made articles can be distinguished by categories including, but not limited to, Fan Characters, Fan Stories, Fan Creations, etc… By entering or participating with the 'Gamers Fanon Wiki' by any means you agree to accept and follow our Rules. By breaking these rules you are subjected to an immediate ban by one of our Administrators. If you decide to use our Chat feature you also agree to the specific rules and guidelines found here.

Any Content suspected of a copyright violation will be removed immediately and the posting user will be warned. If you suspect any posted content is in violation of a copyright please inform one of our Administrators and we will remove it immediately.

Most importantly, enjoy your time here at the 'Gamers Fanon Wiki'
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